Vintage Made Wow!

When you hear vintage jewelry, do you think of something "old and fuddy-duddy, like Grandma used to wear"? Or do you imagine the lovely and inspirational potential in the elements, jewels, beads, and design style found in a vintage jewelry piece like this...

vintage bracelet

I do! And oh how I love shopping in second hand and vintage shops, or exploring yard and estate sales where treasures like this can be found!! I see these older pieces and my imagination goes into overdrive, crafting ways to incorporate elements into new, whimsical boho jewelry and accessories.

How about you? When you see the pieces in your Gran's collection, do you imagine reworking them into something new and unique? 

Take these baubles, for example...

vintage jewelry

Once upon a time they were clip-on earrings. Now - with some creativity and imagination - they've become linking elements to an eclectic, whimsical boho-inspired bracelet. Creating this was as easy as deconstructing the clip and mounting them on linkable bases. Nope; they're not Gran's earrings any longer! But YES; the memories associated with Gran are still intact.

Another beautiful example of reimagining vintage into a new boho-style...

restyled boho necklace with vintage elements

I love this beauty, recreated using cluster sections and filigree metal findings taken from several vintage necklaces. The result is a unique, updated vintage boho statement piece. Gorgeous!!

Recently I sourced some pretty charms from the 1950s that I love. Including a stylized vintage leaf charm to my metallic bead bracelet was a super-easy way to add some vintage glam. Simple, boho-inspired perfection!

Boho Metallic Glam Bracelet

Why not add a charm or two on something you already own... or select one of our charms as an add-on to your bracelet purchase.   You'll find our charms over in our Accessories Collection.

Vintage Charms for Jewelry Embellishments


I've found that the key to wearing Grandma's timeless pieces is to mix the old with the new... layering vintage embellished, newly re-imagined and created bohemian inspired jewelry with contemporary clothing. Talk about chic!!

Need help with how to repurpose your own jewelry piece? Let me help with creating a new memory for you. I'm a quick consultation away.

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  • Great techniques for updating and reusing pretty elements of vintage jewelry! Love them all!


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