From the Orphan Jar

What's an "Orphan Jar"?    It's a magical place for all the shiny brights that are left over from other projects & bead strings.  They happily hang out there until inspiration kicks me in the butt!  Wouldn't you be happy surrounded by all your colorful friends too?


These colors make me feel so joyful.  All jewelry should bring some uplifting emotion for the wearer.  
Research shows that color affects our memories, physical strength, mental agility & reaction times!  COLOR ON!!!


Grab your favourite!!!

Only $15 ea - stack them up!


I love using & wearing colorful jewelry to inspire & life my spirits.  I constantly glance down to see how the sunlight brings out the sparkle & beautiful colors.  They're just fun to stack & go.  

Spring & Summer is the time to kick your jewelry in gear.  Be bold.  Show your personality.  Have fun with your accessories.  There simply isn't a bad day or wrong outfit for these Shiny Brights!

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