Introducing... The Demani Boho Collection!

Inspiration. As an artisan I seek it out, embrace it and allow it to fill me up with creative energy. That's how it was when I discovered a collection of African and Indigenous inspired jewelry in one of my bead magazines.

Demani Boho Collection - Vintage Revisited Shop

My imagination went into overdrive! The colour and originality of the beads captured me and made me think of autumn: multi-coloured leaves, golden orange sunsets, and the browns found in tilled soil awaiting spring plantings. The more distinct African patterned beads had me dreaming of safaris on the Serengeti. With the beauty of these beads and designs to inspire me, how could I not build my own autumn and African-artisan inspired jewelry line?!

I'm so very excited to introduce to you...

The Demani Boho Collection - Vintage Revisited

This collection celebrates you. It enriches what and who you already are; beautiful and willing (no... wanting!) to embrace your creative side and expressing it through these earthy and natural jewelry pieces.

The Demani Boho Collection - Vintage Revisited Shop

The colorful necklace shown here is created with African glass beads made by the people of Krobo (Ghana, West Africa) to resemble old Venetian Fancy trade beads. Made from bottles & other glass, they are turned into powder, then into molds. Decorations on the beads are made with a paste of the colored glass powder & water, then applied with a thin wood stick.  The upper portion of the necklace is adorned with Prosser beads. They have been traded in Africa since the late 1800’s and made by pressing molten glass.

In addition to artisan made African beads, African glass and - in some designs - Navajo beads, I've also incorporated a variety of wood (like rose wood), bone, glass, crystal, hermatite, clay, bone mala, resin, stone, brass in my Demani Boho jewelry collection.

The Demani Boho Collection is limited to 22 bracelets, 3 necklaces & 6 sets of earrings. All are mix and match and in the case of the bracelets, look stunning when multiple designs are stacked on your wrist.

The Demani Boho Collection - Vintage Revisited

As always, we offer FREE shipping to our Canadian clients and if you’re local, we would be pleased to deliver or offer safe pick up.

I hope you love The Demani Boho Collection as much as I do!!

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  • Love the Boho style. Chunky and exquisite. Wonderful pieces, Debbie.

    Chris Harris

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