Candlelight for Two

Christmas 2020 will be like no other, celebrated with only our safe, immediate family bubble. Even so, I know we can make wonderful memories in the season! It starts with being present... being in the moment.

We often have many roles during the holiday season: the organizer, the gift buyer, the cook, the decorator, just to name a few. How then do we ground ourselves in the moment? The key is taking time for yourself when ever possible.

Vintage Revisited handmade jewelry

Focus on you. Dress up and put on those jewels. Have a candlelight evening with your special Other. Make it a date! Bring out the fine wine. Dance.

By feeding the light in our own hearts with love of self, we're so much better able to shine our light on others.

Candlelight moments, Christmas magic, shimmering Hanukkah lights, and Winter sparkle: these are the influences for my latest jewelry line, The Candlelight Collection. It's a treat of golds, silvers, and vintage trinkets; a treasure of jewelry pieces you'll love for both the holidays, and for every day life.

The Candlelight Collection

These one-of-a-kind pieces are elegantly simple in design, but not simple in style.

Vintage Revisited handmade jewelry gold chain bracelet

Yes; love on yourself this Christmas!

Better yet, embrace the JOY found in giving to someone you love!!

Vintage Revisited handmade jewelry tassel necklace

Vintage Revisited handmade jewelry

Vintage Revisted handmade jewelry charm necklace

Vintage Revisited handmade jewelry gold chain bracelet

Vintage Revisited handmade jewelry

The Vintage Revisited online shop is full to the brim with creations from the Candlelight Collection, ready for you to purchase for yourself or for someone on your gift giving list. Or both!

We'll mail your purchase to you or - if you're local - we can either make easy pick-up arrangements with you, or personally deliver to you. Is this a gift that you'd like us to send directly to its recipient? No problem! We can included a personalized message and gift wrap too, if you require. Simply contact me with all the necessary details and I'll happily take care of it.

Important: Get your orders in right away. Postal deadline is December 11 for mailouts!

The Candlelight Collection


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