2021: Hope

Welcome to Vintage Revisited and a New and Improved 2021! Hope right? We all need Hope in our hearts and a desire to make it happen.

For my new clients; a little about me... Debbie

Debbie from Vintage Revisited

What does Vintage plus Revisited have to do with my story and what I do?

I'm Vintage. In both age and interests. I have always loved and gravitated to what came before me. For years I bought and sold vintage jewelry for collectors of vintage lovelies like me. Some of my favourites can be found in shop!

Vintage Jewelry

Most of today's clients want a fresh, modern, or Boho approach to their jewelry. So I try to create a little of both.

I'm all about repurposing. Keeping "valuable to me" pieces out of the landfill is a win-win. I Revisit jewelry pieces that can enhance a modern design by deconstructing and adding these vintage features into my new designs. Sometimes its a vintage charm, or special beads.

Opal and Czech crystal bracelet with winged heart charm

I love the process of creating jewelry for you. Pieces that work for the office and every day life where ever that takes you. I feel beautiful wearing them. I hope you do to.

If you haven't had the chance, visit the website soon!

Debbie Signature

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